Hunting and fishing licenses are available at the main building.

For more information on mandatory licenses, visit the bilingual website of the Ministère de la Faune, des Forêts et des Parcs.


We recommend you do your shopping in Saint-Félicien, as it is where you have the greatest selection of grocery stores and shops. As for your fishing or hunting necessities, you will find all the necessary material at the sales counter of the Domaine Poutrincourt outfitter.

You can also refer to Other Resources.

See Catch and Bag Limits

For fishing, bag limits are six walleyes, six pikes and two whitefishes. If you choose a catch and release license, you are not permitted to keep any fish.

For bear hunting, bag limit is one bear per hunter (one license per hunter). As for moose, the limit is one moose for two hunters (one license per hunter). Note that the preparation and transportation of the meat are not included in the price of your stay.

Finally, bag limits for small game depend on the species. Thus, for ruffed grouse, spruce grouse and gray partridge, the overall bag limit is five per day and the total bag limit is 15. For all ptarmigan, the bag limit is 10 per day and the total bag limit is 30. In regards to other small game species, there is no catch limit.

For more information, visit the bilingual website of the website of the Ministère de la Faune, des Forêts et des Parcs.

Hunting or Fishing Guide

For an additional cost starting at $175, one of our experienced guides can accompany you (special prices for more than a day).


Naturally, the weather varies from year to year, but here are the normal temperatures observed:

  • May and June, between 59 and 77 °F
  • July and August, between 68 and 77 °F
  • September and October, between 41 and 63 °F


From mid-June to mid-July, biting insects are active, especially at dusk and at night. Starting mid-July, they gradually disappear and there are almost no more black flies.

What to Bring

Without being exhaustive, here’s a list of what you might need:

Camera Food (European Plan only)
Hat or cap Sunglasses
Mosquito repellent Sunscreen
Fishing equipment Hunting equipment
Towels and soap Dishcloths
Life jacket First-aid kit
Waterproof jacket and overalls Rain boots
Sleeping bag

Other Resources

Motel Barico, 4490 Poplar Street, La Doré, 418 256-3939 (appx. 1 hour 30 minutes before arriving at the outfitter)

Metro DB Supermarket, 1200, Saint-Felicien boulevard, Saint-Felicien, 418 679-1431 (

Point S Tire Service Guy Dufour  Ltd., 418 275-1460 (

IGA Marc Desbiens supermarket, 1199, Saint-Felicien boulevard, Saint-Felicien, 418 679-1304 (

SAQ (Liquor Store), 1195, Saint-Felicien boulevard, Saint-Felicien, 418 679-1311


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