A Generous Catch

Come tease the fish in the clear waters of Domaine Poutrincourt. The Normandin river, as well as Poutrincourt and Buade lakes, which have beautiful white beaches, making our outfitter an oasis for fishing enthusiasts of all ages. Walleyes, northern pikes and whitefishes quiver in our waters.

The fishing season begins the last week of May and ends in late October. Depending on the species, the catch weight can vary: from 10 to 40 pounds for a pike, from 2 to 15 pounds for a walleye and 2 to 4 pounds for whitefish. Fishers who prefer to release their catch will be surprised by the richness of some of our water bodies, such as Lake Switzerland. Moreover, we sponsor the catch and release fishing license—the solution to sustainable fishing!

For more information about the fishing season and licenses, visit the bilingual website of the Ministère de la Faune, des Forêts et des Parcs.

See bag limits.